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A computer (LAN inlet required RJ45) can connect to the internet with a static IP with the settings one can find on the inside of the wardrobe. Ask your Internet Tutor for help, if these settings won't work.


Usually same procedure as for PC. If a Wifi-connection is desired, see WiFi


Our Residence has no wifi! You will need extra equipment (wifi router). A wifi router usually provides some cabled connections as well as enable wireless connections, if configured properly.

Hardware List

Here you can find hardware already in use by residents. They are therefore very likely to be compatible with the buildings infrastructure

Name WiFi LAN (RJ45) VoIP IpTV Price Comments
ASUS RT-N12E Yes - n/g/b Yes - 4 x 100Base-TX No Works ~31€ Firmware-update to Version 2.X necessary!


We have an internet tutor that is glad to help you with troubleshooting.