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If you possess a car, you may be interested in parking it somewhere.

No parking areas

on university soil

The large parking area outside the dorm belongs to the University of Freiburg, and i a parking permit is required to park there. If you do not have such a permit, parking is prohibited, and someone comes and checks the permits almost every day. If you do not have one, you will be fined 7.50 € (as of 12/12), even if you are just unloading some stuff and only want to park very briefly.

on dorm soil

The dorm has parking spaces of its own behind the dustbin shed. A sign states that unauthorzied cars will be towed away from the SWFR parking lots.

You can rent a parking spot for €8/month. Please contact our Wohnraumsachbearbeiterin.


The status of the four to five parking spots behind the little "green ares" is not unclear anymore. The parking spots belong to the "Kita Wolkengarten" and its not allowed to park there during their opening hours in the week. They need that parking area also some time before the official opening, for the children coming very early.