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The game tutors try to organize regulary meeting for all interested in any kind of game, e.g. a boardgame evening or a LAN-party.

The meetings or events will take place in the partyroom in Campus II if not announced otherwise.

Event will be announced via the facebook-group and on the bulletin boards.

Suggestions, ideas and construktive critisism are welcome, simply write us via fb or to the gametutor-email.

Regulary meetings

Check out the dates here http://events.wohnheim.tf or in the facebook-group

Poker: 1-2x per month Mo/Tu evening at 20 h

Table-Top-/Boardgames: every second saturday evening at 19 h

PC-/Videogames: by appointment, e.g. arrangements for multiplayer-matches/coop-games, etc.

-> for communication the Campus-Teamspeak-Servers should be useful

Planed events

Chesstournament: 1x per semester, Sa or so during day

LAN-Party: 1x per semester/year, possible dates: Weekend (Fr evening till Su noon) or during Whitsunbreak