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Let's play fun variations of Dodgeball/Völkerball or Ultimate Frisbee on a weekly basis!

Update March 2024

We are currently testing Ultimate Frisbee as well. If you are interested, feel free to join! Whether and when we play Ultimate Frisbee and/or Dodgeball will be announced in the Dodgeball-Telegram-Group. When the new semester starts in mid april, we'll create a new schedule with weekly play times.


📍 On the soccer field between buildings 201 and 105


🗓 Every wednesday, 6:30 pm


🤾 Newcomers are always welcome!

More information

📱 Dodgeball-Telegram-Group for questions, short-term updates, cancellation and location changes. Also, feel free to ask for sports partners in the group, e.g. if you want to play a round of ping pong outside.