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Wohnheimrat - 10.01.2018

Dear residents of Campus,

20:15 Uhr Link (To-Do) http://wohnheim.tf/Wohnheimrat/Protokolle/2018-01-10


Anwesend: 12

TOP Finanzen

  • We have got enough money on the bank account

TOP Berichte

   not enough space for all bikes. Especially in Campus 3, 4a and 4b. When the new parking spots will be done, it will better. But the new spot will not be locked. Nommen will talk with SWFR about it. 


  • Putzplan ist aktualisiert: Simon needs more people.

Storage of the bar will be clean out

TOP Anschaffungen

Nommen gets a NFL-gamepass for us. 50 euro for food for super bowl (Charlie)

  • Nächster Wohnheimrat: Wie immer erster Mittwoch des Monats.