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Wohnheimrat - 06.05.2018

Dear residents of Campus,

20:15 Uhr Link (To-Do) http://wohnheim.tf/Wohnheimrat/Protokolle/2018-05-06


Anwesend: 26

TOP Finanzen

  • We have got enough money on the bank account

We need a new finance tutor - Niklas

TOP Berichte

Advertising and the system of the social engagement non-digital marketing could be usefull. Maybe a calendar with all tutorats. Jackie and Charlie will do it


Leona is new bar tutor 
Bar service system 
Cleaning - Whatsapp group
WM Public Viewing - Leona ak
Stümple event - contact them (Chairs, Saskia)

TOP Garten

one third of the yards will be open for all two thirds of the yards will be parted into pieces for interested gardeners. 100 euro budget for first tools and herbs. Moritz Bültmann, Dominik Ortseifen, Felix Sänger will be in charge as plant tutors.

TOP Anschaffungen

The Router from Yannick will be bought for 20-25 €. ERLEDIGT. Hammocks, sand for ashtrays, beerpong cups will be bought Neuer Kicker: https://shop.ullrichsport.com/tischfussball/ullrich-sport/a-10003/ Bitte kaufen. Danke. abgelehnt.

Slackline 70 euro Jackie lamination machine materials 5€ Kerstin

Fire stove Will be discussed with SWFR

TOP Sonstiges

Learning Tutor - Max Football tutor - Nico and Abdullah Volleyball Tutor - Tobi Pilates Tutor - Veronika Willi - Laptop have a look on it

  • Nächster Wohnheimrat: Wie immer erster Mittwoch des Monats.