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IPTV is short for Internet Protokoll Television, that is Television via Internet. The TV-signal is transmitted through the LAN-outlet into every room. You can receive the signal with VLC, a browser interface or a Set-Top-Box.


In case you receive neither a signal nor an error message, it might be due to closed ports. Port 49151 must be open in your computer firewall in order to use IPTV. When using a WiFi-router, the same port must be opened there, as well. Furthermore, you must be within the dorm network, so deactivate any VPN- and Proxy-connections.


That's our IPTV-Provider

Web applet

Use or http://tv.hotzone.de in Firefox to get to the web applet. You need the VLC Plugin for Firefox. This must be checked when installing VLC Player.

You can find an introduction by hotzone athttp://tv.hotzone.de/hotzone/help.html.

Using VLC

It is easier to atch TV with VLC Player or similar players like mplayer.

You can get a Playlist here

note: You can switch between programm list and signal window with the "L"-key (⇧⌘P for Mac)

Android-Set- Top-Box

Watching TV on a regular TV requires a Android-Set-Top-Box which you can buy and than connect during the Hotezone App.