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Since there is no classic phone landline in the dorm, you cannot get a regular landline phone. There are, however, affordable alternatives


There is a manifold of Voice-over-IP providers using the SIP protocol. An internet connection and a SIP client is required.

SIP Clienten


As an example, using Gigaset C610 IP and a router (with an additional LAN connection) you can set up an SIP client in your room. With this Gigaset phone, one can use several providers at the same time. You can therefore switch to cheaper providers when making international calls.

cell phone

You can get software for modern smartphones that act as SIP-clients. Being able to calf from outside of the dorm is advantageous.

VoIP Router

Certain routers can act as SIP clients and possess an outlet for analog/digital phones, for example Cisco WRP400 VoIP.


Provider monthly charge landline cell landline number (0761...) flatrate to landllines
Hotzone 3,50€ 1,3Ct/min 11Ct/min ? 1,50€
Easybell 0€ 0,98Ct/min 9,8Ct/min 0,80€/Monat 2,19€ / 4,19€
personal-voip 0€ 1Ct/min 6,89Ct/min 0€/Monat 7,99€
sipgate 3,90€ 1Ct/min 9,9Ct/min 0€/Monat 6,90€ (27 Länder)


You can reach regular phones using Skpye, as well. You can charge your account with money (via credit card) that can be used for outgoing calls without a monthly charge. Skype also offers incoming services i.e. a regular phone number connected to your Skype account. These are a bit more expensive