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Washing machines and dryer


There are washing machines and dryers in the ground floor of each hostel building at your disposal. To use them you need an aktivatet UniCard, charged with eneugh money (activation (every semester) and charging can be done in the canteens (Mensa) for example). Washing or drying costs you 2€ per cycle.

In order to start a machine, insert your UniCard into the automat in the washing room, choose the machine your clothes are in and acknowledge. Close the door of the machine after loading it, adjust the wash settings and push the start button. The display now tells you how long you have to wait until you can pick up your washed stuff again.

Please follow

So that the machines maintain for a long time and everybody can wash his stuff withoutpollution etc., there are certain rules hung out in the washing rooms, that need to be followed.

The rules can be read once again here as well: Datei:Waschraum Aushang.pdf

Tips for how to wash

You just left your home and mummy and now you're standing in front of the maschine, totally confused? You wonder what all the symbols in your clothes mean, which washing agent or powder and wich wash you should choose?

Than take a look at this helful little website: http://www.waesche-waschen.de/


Wo ist das orange Plastikteil
Klappe öffnen
Wasser entleeren
Tür öffnen

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