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Essen Mensa Flugplatz am:

[ Montag 18.02.2019]

Essen 1 | vegetarisch
Sesamnudeln mit Gemüse Ingwer-Honig-Tofu Geröstete Mandeln Beilagensalat

Essen 2
Merguez Paprikadip Mediterrane Kartoffelpfanne Endiviensalat

Welcome to the wiki of the dorm at the faculty of engineering

You can find plenty of information on the dorm and its residents here. It is supposed to facilitate you getting accustomed to campus life. Leave any suggestions and comments on the discussion page.

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/campus.wohnheim/

Official page from the Student Services Freiburg about the dormitory Campus: http://www.swfr.de/en/wohnen/wohnheime/summary-of-dormitories/campus/


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This site is a wiki by design, so everyone is kindly invited to participate and contribute any information you deem helpful for others to this homepage.

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Campus 1 - at night